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Healing with Black Walnut Hull

Healing with Black Walnut Hull

Parasites Black walnut hulls are considered the premier treatment for pin worms, tapeworms, hookworms and other intestinal parasites. Candida Candida overgrowth is another common, rarely diagnosed health problem affecting many people. Most people have candida yeast in...

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Put Hay Fever in its place this Spring!

Put Hay Fever in its place this Spring!

Antihistamines and nasal steroid sprays are effective against hay fever and produce results immediately, they will unfortunately cause allergic reactions or severe sleepiness or drowsiness.Use these tips for managing your hay fever without side effects. Try a nasal...

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Simple Homemade Spray Deodorant

Simple Homemade Spray Deodorant

Ingredients 5-ounce glass spray bottle 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar 1/4 cup distilled or spring water *see below if you need extra strength odor protection 2 tbsp. lime juice (typically the juice of 1 lime) 30 drops lemongrass or lemon essential oil 15 drops lavender...

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Blood & Cardio Tonic


Anti-Inflammatory | Immune Support
Many tribes believe that the Blood, is the life force supplier to all organ systems, ultimately controlling overall organ function. All the herbs in this formula are powerhouses of plant chemicals, known for their high anti-cancer, anti-tumoral and immune-stimulating activity. Each herb as a particular orientation to purifying heavy metals and accumulated toxins out of the body.

Turmeric Infused Hot Chocolate

Turmeric Infused Dark Hot ChocolateRaw, Vegan, Turmeric Infused Dark Hot Cocoa
All Plant Based. Sweetened with Coconut Palm Sugar. This turmeric infused dark hot chocolate powder is made from raw, organic and fair trade Peruvian Cacao that you have to taste to believe! It is hand-made in micro batches. Made from only four ingredients, this mix turns into a decadent Barcelona style hot chocolate by simply adding water to it.

Reishi Mushroom Extract

catskill fungi reishi mushroom tincture

Triple Extracted & Potentized Reishi
One of the most studied mushrooms to date, Ganoderma tsugae promotes longevity and healthy living in a variety of ways. Being an alkaloid mushroom, it can help promote a healthy body's pH. It helps maintain healthy blood sugar, healthy blood pressure and healthy liver function. Reishi promotes healthy immune system because it contains over 100 polysaccharides and 120 triterpenoids.

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