I’ve been reading “Spiritual Economics” by Eric Butterworth, a twentieth century author and Unity Church minister. The book is superbly written and brimming with clever quotes. Butterworth, for example, describes the importance of continuing to seek purpose and wisdom later in life. He writes, “The Truth is, we do not grow old; when we stop growing we are old.” I Love That!

But there is a far greater lesson within the pages of this book – the secret to life actually, which I’d like to share with you. While “Spiritual Economics” is based on the spiritual laws and dynamics of prosperity and achievement, the essence of the book’s teachings is the idea that we are both creation and creator.

This is the Truth of the I AM, the Presence and Power of God, which we all have the ability to realize. We can consciously create our own reality by realizing the Divine Presence and Power in our lives. But how? According to Butterworth, we must keep ourselves centered in the inner realm of wholeness. When we do, he says, we can experience mastery over all that happens around us or to us. But how?

10 Ways to Master Your Life By Realizing Your I AM

1. Express – Express gratitude for what is and for what is coming.

2. Pray – Pray for the wellbeing of the world and send loving thoughts to everyone you encounter.

3. Affirm – Affirm, “I Am an individualized expression of God and the wisdom and power of the Universe”

4. Meditate – Meditate on the reality that a loving Divine Presence is forever guiding you and protecting you.

5. Keep –Keep your thoughts centered on abundance, happiness, and joy. 

6. Maintain –Maintain a positive consciousness by refusing to indulge in negative conversations within your daily life and across social media.

7. Find – Find a way to always feel abundant, regardless of temporary external conditions and circumstances.

8. Talk – Openly talk about your hopes, plans, and dreams with yourself and other like-minded people.

9. Take – Take inspired action and apply yourself with consistent, diligent effort to every area of your life.

10. Give – Give to the world what you cherish the most—for many it’s their time.

There’s a funny expression I love, which goes, “Why don’t you take some of my advice since I’m not using it.”

I write blog posts because I need to constantly remind myself of their Truth. And while I’m not always perfect, I keep trying. I keep seeking. And I keep choosing to believe in the I AM and its power to transform our lives. It’s working well for me, and I hope it’s working well for you, too.

In this moment I am reminded of a beautiful quote from Martha Beck: Whether you’ve seen angels floating around your bedroom or just found a ray of hope at a lonely moment, choosing to believe that something unseen is caring for you can be a life-shifting exercise.”

John Stasser: Personal Empowerment Coach

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