When consumed in their natural state, whole grains and fiber can ward off colon cancer, diabetes and heart disease. In general, whole-grain cereals and breads do contain whole grains, but usually not in the manner claimed and usually they are ground down into a fine powder- this form acts just as simple sugars or starches would do.

However the cereals and breads are unlikely to offer a nutritious start to your day because they take a simple grain and add fiber, isolated nutrients plus loads of other questionable ingredients and massive doses of sugar.

These isolated nutrients do not provide the same health benefits as we would receive from whole foods.
Bread packaging will state whole-grain, multi-grain, oats, fiber, etc. The sign of something brown is to induce a feeling of goodness and a healthier option. Checking the package will reveal a whole load of hidden nasties like refined or enriched flour being one.

Check for fructose, added sugars, artificial flavors, trans fats or hydrogenated oils. Look for a loaf with five or less ingredients if you want to aim for the healthier option. Fiber should be high on the list and go for sprouted grains and seeds which are more digestible and higher in nutrients, plus satiate hunger more effectively.

Cereal boxes will boast that their contents are cancer fighting, heart healthy and good for weight loss. The reality is that most are processed and refined, high in sugars, calorie-dense and low in nutritious goodness.
You’re better off heading for the more nutritious whole foods like berries, seeds, nuts, proteins, vegetables and fruits– add these to probiotic yogurt or a milk alternative in order to increase your daily dietary fiber.

Sadly the many so-called healthy choices turn out to be less beneficial than we assume. Because they often involve swapping fats and sugars for chemical compounds. They will actually undermine your health goals.
When you see fat-free or sugar-free, low-fat,etc on the label, your alarm bells should go off— Ask yourself–What are they putting in its place?

You need to read between the lines and thoroughly examine those lines every time when it comes to checking what is in your food and drink. Don’t fall for the disguise of a healthy option and be undermined in your pursuit of health and wellness.

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