Stingless Bee Honey


Honey has been an important natural food product since ancient times and well known for its nutritional and therapeutic values.  European honeybees and stingless bees are the two most common bees.


Honey produced by stingless bees is known by various names such as Meliponine honey, stingless bee honey, SBH pot-honey, and also Kelulut honey. It is attributed with many medicinal properties by ancient people. Many studies on the chemical and biological properties of honey have been conducted due to their extraordinary antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, wound, and sunburn healing effects.


Honey is one of the outstanding sources of energy due to its high sugar concentration. The high calorific value of honey makes it suitable for athletes as it contains readily absorbed glucose which is converted into energy quickly.


Other than a source of energy, honey is also important for bones and teeth. It helps with absorption of calcium and magnesium retention which may contribute to stronger bone and better dental calcification. This is due to the short-chain fatty acid, SCFA, as the by-product from a fermentation process in the caecum and colon. The SCFA lowers the intestinal pH and creating an environment that increases mineral solubility and absorption.


Honey therapy has been used to treat septic wounds, surgical wound, due to its excellent wound healing properties. Generally, fluid retention, inflammation and weeping that commonly occur in all types of wounds are reduced by honey in order to improve the wound healing effects. The growth of epithelial cells was also stimulated by honey


Honey contains polyphenols which differ according to the origin and bee species. These polyphenols have been proven to curb the development of many diseases. They perform this action through mechanisms such as regulation of a specific gene expression or altering metabolic pathways.


As one type of honey might not contain all of the polyphenols and the protective effects of polyphenols are varied, it is best to consume a variety of honey. The therapeutics effects of SBH  such as anti diabetic, wound healing, anti cancer, treatment of ocular disease and effects of fertility are proven by many scientific studies.

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