THCa is the main cannabinoid in RAW cannabis. To make THCa psychoactive, it must first be heated/decarboxylated or through vaping/smoked, becoming THC.

THCa is the precursor to THC, and it has shown to have very different properties.

THCa is proven to be a powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic pain reliever, neuroprotector and antispasmodic.

People that have anxiety shouldn’t use oils or plants high in THC, as they may have the opposite effect. They should rather use THCa.

THCa has shown promise in the treatment of epilepsy. A higher dose of THCa together with THC is effective for symptoms, like seizures, pain, and arthritis.

Research and anecdotal evidence suggest that THCa will play a leading role in cannabis medicine as the industry goes forward.

Here are some of the potential benefits :

THCa is considered non-psychoactive, meaning that it does not cause a “high” when you consume it. However, take too much too quickly and you may get high.

THCa Benefits:

Anti-Emetic –Reduces vomiting and nausea.
Analgesic –Pain relief.
Anti-Inflammatory –Reduces inflammation.
Anti-Insomnia–Sleep aid.
Anti-Proliferative –Inhibits cancer cell growth.
Antispasmodic –Suppresses muscle spasms.
Modulates Immune System– THCa has been shown to both improve and potentially suppress the immune system functions.
Neuroprotective– Slows damage to the nervous system and brain.

The main benefit of THCa tinctures is that you don’t need to consume cannabis in its raw form and it is safe to use for children and pets.

The best way to use tinctures is sublingual (under the tongue). Titration control is easily achieved by the number of drops placed under the tongue where the medicine is rapidly absorbed into the arterial system and is quickly transported to the brain and body.

Smoothies made with the raw plant are very effective and encapsulating the raw plant matter is a convenient and easy method as well.

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