Close your eyes and visualize each color individually over the associated area. Start with the root chakra, and go through all the colors and chakras until you reach the crown chakra. You can visualize yourself in a ball of white light to finally balance your chakras and then make sure to ground yourself.

Root Chakra – Red
Eat red foods like tomatoes, strawberries, and radishes
Walk around barefoot on the earth
Visualize red healing light pouring into the root chakra
Start a savings account or add to it for feeling secure

Sacral Chakra – Orange
Eat oranges, carrots and butternut squash
Enjoy a long bath with candles and incense
Visualize orange pouring into the sacral chakra
Be kind and gentle with yourself and your thoughts

Solar Plexus – Yellow
Eat bananas and pineapples, and drink lemon water
Get some sunshine on your skin
Look in the mirror and say “I Love You Just As You Are”
Visualize yellow healing pouring into the solar plexus

Heart Chakra – Green
Follow your dreams and desires
Eat green foods like arugula, green apples, and broccoli
Lay on your back with arms open and expand your chest
Schedule time to do something you love and commit to it

Throat Chakra – Blue
Eat some blueberries or borage blossoms
Sing in the shower or car or wherever you feel like it
Be open and honest and speak your truth
Say no when you want to say no

Third Eye Chakra – Indigo
Feel the vibration and energy of people around you
Visualize the color indigo pouring into the chakra
Listen to your intuition
Eat elderberries, raisins or plums

Crown Chakra – Violet
Eat eggplant, purple cabbage or figs
Meditate daily
Read inspirational books
Visualize violet light entering this chakra

I also like to eat what I call a Rainbow Salad where you take foods with all the chakra colors, make a salad with great quality olive oil and lemon juice (as your acidic) and season with sea salt and pepper.

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