Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom which was exclusively reserved for use by the Chinese Royal Family. This powerful mushroom has a small, thin fruiting body and grows at high altitudes in China and Tibet. The people of Tibet started using these mushrooms and noticed an increase in stamina along with a decrease in respiratory related problems.

Health Benefits Of Cordyceps Mushrooms:

One of the well known health benefits of cordyceps is how it promotes vitality and improves athletic performance. At the 93 Beijing Athletic Games, three world records were broken by the Chinese track and field team. The secret behind the team’s success was revealed to be a cordyceps mushroom tonic which helped to naturally improve their performance and aerobic capacity.

Cordyceps is very widely used for the strengthening the kidney functions, brain power, structural integrity and healing ability. It is a very powerful Yang tonic and as a sexual tonic is considered to be one of the best.
Cordyceps has enormous renown as a life reinforcing tonic and is said to improve sexual and physical power, mental energy and support the immune systems of normal, healthy individuals. Consistent use of cordyceps can also help to strengthen the skeletal structure.

Because wild cordyceps is very rare, potent and highly treasured, it is very expensive, it is perhaps the most expensive herb in the world. Asian scientists learned how to grow cordyceps by cell culture. The mycelium of the cordyceps can be grown in tanks, and the component profile is very favorable when compared to the wild cordyceps. However, it is a lot less expensive than the wild cordyceps from Tibet or Bhutan.



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