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Ounce for ounce herbs have more antioxidants than any other food group.

Herbs That May Help With Longevity

Herbs That May Help With Longevity

The immune system is needed to protect us to be capable of fighting off any illness, bacteria, infection, viruses. Foreign threats to our systems will be battled here, so assistance from the following herbs and spices will assist us in our pursuit of longevity. These...

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Hormonal Disruptors Causing Emotional Imbalances cont…

The majority of this is surely due to the amount of fluoride we are exposed to on a daily basis. On top of this is the chlorine, which is necessary keep bacteria under control but also adds to the burden that our bodies must deal with on a daily basis.

How many of us climb into the car on a daily basis which has been sitting in the sun and all those plastics within the car have been emitting all types of compounds as they heated up,  we then inhale all of this poison and then wonder why a few years later we get breast cancers and prostate cancers and lung cancers and brain cancers.

Our food chain is also one of the most horrific sources of illness when it should be nurturing us, it is actually killing us.  All farm animals are kept disease free on the factory farms by copious amounts of antibiotics in their feed,  they are also administered Growth Hormones and anti-inflammatories to speed up their development for better slaughter prices at market. We then consume these animals which are highly stressed at the moment of slaughter, their bodies full of cortisol, hormones, antibiotics and then expect them to Nurture us.

To add to this we cover ourselves on a daily basis with chemicals in deodorants, shampoos, toothpaste, body creams, hand creams, and clothes washed in chemicals.

All of these factors can throw our bodies delicate balance out, causing our hormones especially to become very badly affected. This obviously causes huge emotional fluctuations, which contribute to a highly anxiety-ridden society. This is being reflected back towards us now, in massive amounts of road rage, spousal murder and assault and a real lack of empathy towards our fellow beings.

So, how do we find healing from all these environmental attacks..

  • A good quality water filter is an absolute must in every home, to remove as much of the Chlorine, Fluoride, Heavy Metals and Pesticides as possible. Try not to stand in a hot shower too long as the skin absorbs a lot of these chemicals when the pores are opened by the warm water.
  • Go Vegan or Vegetarian. If that’s too difficult, then start cutting back on farmed fish and eat Free Range, Organic meats and Wild Caught Fish.
  • Avoid Commercial toothpastes that are full of poisons. There’s a good reason why there are warnings not to swallow it when brushing. There are many good alternatives available from most Health Stores and you can even make your own with Coconut Oil, Bicarb and Peppermint or Cinnamon oil.
  • Try using Organic Soap Nuts for clothes and bedding washing. They are really good and aren’t overly expensive.
  • Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut oil is fantastic for skin care and with some added essential oils can really make a difference to the skin.
  • If your car has been standing in the Sun and getting super hot, when you are about to get into it, open the doors and let fresh air into it to flush out all the toxins before you get in. It will also help your Air Conditioner to cool the car quicker.

Know Yourself Cards

This is the perfect introduction to the healing power of CBD. Not all CBD is crafted at the same levels of quality and potency. This concentrated oil is hand crafted from plants specifically grown and cultivated outdoors for superb quality.

Wildflower CBD Vaporizer

These vaporizers are designed to provide a highly effective and efficient delivery system for these plant-based cannabinoid formulations infused with plant-based essential oils in a 100% vegan, all natural base. Notice the elegant and innovative disposable design.

Wild Flower Cool Stick

This small herbal workshop incorporate the healing and cleansing properties of the stones, crystals, and essential oils within an everyday ritual.

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