Essential oils are volatile meaning that they can easily evaporate. Most essential oils are best diluted in a carrier oil before application to the skin, yet they can also be diffused into the air and breathed in. Essential oils are commonly used for relaxation, stress relief and for many other applications, such as during a massage and pain relief among others. They’re perceived to have an effeminate or unmanly connotation, but can positively impact overall male health and male fertility health.

If you’re concerned about fertility health, you should know to eat a nutrient-dense diet first and foremost, limit or avoid exposure to toxins, manage stress, and exercise regularly. No smoking, limit caffeine and alcohol intake, and make sure you are getting adequate amounts of zinc for hormone balance.

There are many essential oils that are healing, rejuvenating, and regenerating, to the reproductive system, whether male or female. We know the impact that trying to conceive with difficulty can have on a man, his libido, sexual function, not the mention his emotional health when battling a fertility health issue. Essential oils have the potential to help with all of that.

Essential oils from the citrus family are often light, bright and cause feelings of happiness and joy. They are commonly used to lift the mood, instill confidence and release anger. They are also known to support healthy liver function and digestive system function for proper detoxification and elimination, which are both important for hormonal balance.

This is a list of several essential oils for men to consider learning more about. They have many more benefits than listed here and could be beneficial for females as well. There are more woody, more masculine scents, many of which are known to support healthy endocrine and immune systems, as well as healthy adrenal and kidney function.

Bergamot –helps balance energy flow to and from the liver
Cedarwood –tonic to the kidneys and supports healthy adrenal function
Cyprus –stimulating circulation and energy flow throughout the body which boosts energy and invokes feelings of stability
Geranium –Geranium stimulates the adrenal cortex, which contains hormones that are balancing
Grapefruit –supports healthy liver function, is stimulating to the lymphatic system, and can help release bottled up emotions that need to be released
Spruce –helps the body deal with stress, and may support testosterone levels
Sweet Orange –helps relieve stagnation in the liver, stomach and intestines
Ylang-Ylang –widely used as an aphrodisiac in aromatherapy to enhance sexual relationships

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