Have you ever wondered why you are not able to achieve what you desire in life. While others are living the life of your dreams, although you just keep wondering why you are not?

There are many factors which contribute to us living our lives in a below average existence, and in my experience, the one biggest factor is FEAR.
One great person said FEAR has two meanings. The first one is “Face Everything And Rise” and other one is “Forget Everything And Run”.

Most of the time, before making any decision, the FEAR of the unknown arrises and we are unable to make the right decision, or any decision for that matter. We keep on thinking what will happen if things do not work out? So we keep on procrastinating and we don’t take any action. As a result, we are unable to achieve what we want.

So friends I just wanted to share a few simple tips to conquer your fear:

  • Next time while making a decision, just focus on the outcome you want instead of focusing on what you don’t want.
  • Find out the reasons why you want to do it and all the things which are in your favor (the pros).
  • Never think a decision is a one time action and unchangeable, you will not be able to achieve what you desire.
  • The best way to tackle fear, is start doing what you have been fearing throughout your life immediately! You will be surprised there was not any reason for you to fear.

Remember this, Fear Is Not Having Any Power, our thought gives it power and holds us back from achieving what we truly want.

So, next time kill your fear before it kills your dream!

Omi Pal Dhangar, Life Coach

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