We all have feminine and masculine sides to ourselves and we shift between feminine and masculine energy all the time. That being said there are many women who are masculine in their core and many men who are feminine in theirs.  It  really has very little to do with gender, It is all about knowing yourself and then creating polarity with the opposite sex or your chosen partner.

Let’s face it, societal roles have changed over the years, women generally are now in places of power they didn’t have access to in other times of history. If a woman has a role of responsibility within the workplace perhaps delegating, or managing the household and taking care of all the bills and renovations, she needs to adhere to a set of rules in order to accomplish her duties with precision.  This can mean adopting more masculine energy and due to the way the mind/brain adopts repetition it might be hard at times for her to reconnect to her feminine energy, which is important to her outside of the work place.

If that woman is you, here are some ideas to help you reconnect to your true feminine energy:

Spend time with your female friends.  Talking with other females openly helps you to realize your own emotional states that may be being suppressed due to demands, in listening to others we come to recognize ourselves and vice versa.  Positive girl talk can be empowering especially with other supportive understanding women.

Nature and Environment-

Feminine energy is abundant. Think of flowers. Think of the moon and moonlight. The gentle glow symbolizes your gentle side.

In the home you could paint some pictures or buy some.  If your bedroom is feeling like plain Jane, think of how to improve it to get in touch with your feminine side. Flowers, symbols, materials, smells, candles.  Take some time to reflect what you would really like. This is about you connecting to that deeper you.

Get Creative-

Arrange flowers, write a poem or in your journal. Let your heart loose and your feelings flow. Dance in whatever style you like, alone or with a partner. Move. Tai chi, yoga, a free style all of your own. Get up from that desk and stretch in your own unique way, movement allows your energy to flow all through you, feel it as you move and express it in a way that is true to you.  Choose the music where you feel most feminine. Get in touch with your emotions and that inner Goddess. Feel.

Clothes and Accessories-

Go shopping. Feel silks and satins, look at colors and styles. How experimental have you been with lingerie?  If you are used to wearing neutral colors, look at bright or pastels.  Hair accessories can be very feminine as can cosmetics and body paint.  Take time before you buy to absorb how things are affecting you.

Sexuality and Sensuality-

Last but not least, this is where your power lies. This is what makes you that goddess that men are attracted to.  Embrace yourself.  In terms of body language, a woman can send signs that no man can ignore but she must be comfortable in her own skin, in order to do this. Whether you are sweet and demure or a complete seductress, the power you have in these terms is what draws those bees to that flower, and in this metaphor there is an act of both giving and receiving.  Be receptive. Allow men to indulge you, or take the lead.  If you are in a relationship, you can practice with your partner.  Touch is important. And it’s not all about sex.  Take his hand, draw a circle in it. Sensation can be very pleasant and if he is responsive, you can allow him to take the lead or you can take it yourself.

And lastly but by far not least, let your guard down with your man.  Let him know how you are on an emotional level.  From days of old, men have aspired to be that knight in shining armor.  If you have had a bad day, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.  Don’t hide your fears, your disappointments, anger, tears, all of it in its real raw form.  If you feel tears build up, let him wipe them away.  If he offers you a shoulder, cry on it. Let him wrap his arm around you.  Men are protective and drawn to a woman who can be open and honest and vulnerable on this level.  You might inspire him to reciprocate and allow for a real emotional bonding.  We are all carrying baggage of some kind.  Don’t be afraid to open up and be seen in your true authentic beauty. 

Remember feminine energy is not weak, and the truth is it’s not completely separate from the masculine. This is about cultivating more of your femininity. The divine feminine is a force to be reckoned with.  It’s very powerful in terms of transformation.  If you feel changes need to be made for the better, your creative side will look at what they are and implement ways they can be made. 

The bottom line really is this, if you want to get more in touch with your feminine energy then get out of your head and into your heart.

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