Oxytocin is a hormone that is made by a part of the brain called the hypothalamus.  It is known chemically as a nonapeptide and is also a neurotransmitter.  It is sometimes given to women in labor to induce contractions and has recently gained popularity for other effects.  Oxytocin has been shown to work wonders for people on the autistic spectrum, decreasing anxiety and reinforcing positive emotional states and behaviors.  It has been found to be present in higher amounts in couples within the honeymoon period of their relationship and is one of the key elements involved in love.  Within medicine, oxytocin has been administered by nasal spray and has been found to be positively effective, but here we will concentrate on how it has the potential to increase the stability and quality of our loving relationships.

Oxytocin might well be the antidote or at least the buffer to stress.  This article is written to provide awareness of its role as the powerful hormone oxytocin has in the body and upon the mind and well-being of us as human beings.

The good news is that we can produce oxytocin by our own loving behaviors.

Ever just cuddled up with your significant other and felt all your stress just melt away?  Hugging and the power of human touch is involved in the release of oxytocin. It is now recognized that oxytocin is a crucial part of bonding within relationships, and not attempting to make us appear as hormonal compounds, it’s good to look at the effect of this one and what acts and feelings builds it and what in turn builds from its release inside of us.

Oxytocin strengthens connection, feeling, trust, acceptance and helps us both form and maintain the strength of a bond within intimate relationships.  Whether you are holding hands, hugging, talking and sharing,  giving a massage, or making love, oxytocin is being released.  People who are close tend to stay close. Oxytocin enables us to open up to our mates and if we have found a good mate it makes sense that we should be aware of how we can work with it with an aim of cultivating healthy long-term relationships and that comes with the additional understanding that if we have that bond with one, it doesn’t necessarily follow that we can have it with another, so if you have a good relationship, you should nurture that, watering it and feeding it in order to keep it strong.   If we look at promiscuous behavior, we might see that people engage short-term but run from the long-term commitment of even establishing a relationship.  If people come to understand what is needed to form and maintain a healthy relationship, then it follows that there would be more happy couples rather than disappointment,  unfulfillment, and dissatisfaction in general.

happy pills, love addictionOxytocin has the potential to change behavior and the making of it may be the making of us if we look at how this hormone affects us within relationships. But it’s not all down to oxytocin. We can be aware of how things affect us but it won’t work in connections that need to be forced, nor would we want it to.   Ultimately, if you are in love, or have a potential with someone to build up, and you can communicate with your partner, use your awareness to your benefit.


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