I vividly remember as though it was yesterday, (albeit it was a few years ago) attending a Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within event in London, UK. You can imagine the setting -a large venue, Tony Robbins, high energy music and packed with thousands of people from all around the world singing and clapping.

I just love learning, I have a BSc (Hons), an MSc, a strategic Intervention coaching certificate from the TR, Maddens group and am a Chartered Manager with the Chartered Managers Institute. I am always looking for the next qualification, the next book, the next new initiative. Sounds pretty impressive? Well, it may be. However, I have realized that it isn’t really about the qualifications you have, it’s about the footprint you leave. Note to self, too much of my time over the last 30 years has been spent on learning without action.

Have I really, therefore, made a difference? Have I supported others to be the best they can be? Well, in 2013, I spend a week in Kosovo working on behalf of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo training a group of police officers to provide them with an understanding of the impact of crime. I then had an opportunity to work with The Princes Trust in 2015 on a 3-month secondment on their team programme, (which aimed at unemployed 16-26-year-olds), I became aware very quickly of the talented individuals out there who just needed a break. You know, Its just amazing to see individuals experiencing outdoor activities, some for the first time and it was a privilege to be part of this and provide support and encouragement.

So -and in turning 50 years of age this year, my mantra now is always balancing learning with doing and collaborating. The key is undertaking new experiences with an open mindset, coming from a compassionate perspective to provide a service to others.

Why the title, One Second Advantage? Well, before any meeting, before making any decision, before sending that email or text to someone who has annoyed you take one second, breath, STOP and always ask yourself the critical question. And what else?

I’m Roger Lomas; I coach, I mentor and love undertaking new experiences. I am just about to start cycling again, since a young child. So if you want to connect and see how together we can make a difference email me below.

Roger Lomas, Coach & Mentor

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