A friend and I developed a technique called “Two Minutes To Vent,” and we wanted to share this transformational tool with all of you. We are always told we must walk through our emotions and not suppress things to truly heal, well “Two Minutes To Vent” will assist you in doing just that.

The concept is quite simple when you are upset, hurt or feel wronged by something that has happened or what you “perceive” that someone else has done to you, you vent it out. You call a friend whom you can trust to just hold the space for you, and you tell them what has happened, why you feel upset, what is ruminating in your mind about the event, etc. They, in turn, can just listen, be understanding and then after it is out and you feel heard you release it… but be cautious in whom you tell these things too as you do not want to call someone who will assist you in adding more logs to the fire in your mind!

After that, you make a conscious effort to let it go. You close your eyes and set your intention to now release this event, you do not ruminate about it in your thoughts all day. You do not call 3 other people and tell them about what has happened. You sit with it, breathe in and out and release the event from your body and your mind. You have a little talk with yourself, you tell your subconscious and conscious mind that this is now resolved and you are now releasing this negative energy. Then get out in nature and let mother earth assist you in the release if possible take a walk or even just go out and look up at the sky.

Yes, quiet meditation alone can accomplish the same objective, but sometimes we all feel like we need to be heard and understood by another human being. The only caution we can add is not to overuse this tool and definitely do not always ask the same person to hold space for you, no one wants to be another person’s dumping ground for negative emotions.


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