Patricia works with clients all over the Americas and Europe, either in person or remotely, where she offers a variety of services as a Natural Health Practitioner; certified detoxification specialist, certified master herbalist, certified iridologist, nutritional consultant, and certified energy practitioner.

Her emphasis is on addressing the whole person and not just the condition or symptoms. She believes we need to return to a time when the healthcare practitioner relationship was not hurried and disconnected, but instead a nurturing experience and a relationship of mutual trust and partnership.

Her focus is on educating and empowering clients to understand the importance of their personal lifestyle choices. This relatively new approach is sometimes referred to by others as lifestyle healthcare and is centered on supporting the client to improve their personal health outcomes by addressing and optimizing detoxification, rebuilding of the gut microbiome, nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction, sleep patterns, as well as organizing one's life around going towards goals that support wellness and fulfillment.

Her programs feature nutritional, emotional and spiritual healing techniques designed to engage clients to become more active in their healing process and for them to discover the root cause(s) of their health problems.

Certified Master Herbalist
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Trained at Trinity - School of Natural Health, who's philosophy is that "we are intrinsically holistic and should therefore continually pursue true health through the development of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the whole person."

Herbs are nature's naturally concentrated pharmaceuticals that work simultaneously on physical, emotional, and energetic levels - nature's green holistic pharmacy.

Certified Detoxification Specialist
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Trained under the world-renowned healer Robert Morse N.D. at the International School of Detoxification (ISOD).

Detoxification is the process of restoring your body to its optimal functioning by purging the body of pathogens, cellular waste, processed food and by-products, radiation, unmetabolized pharmaceuticals, parasites, mold, and other unproductive fungi. Ultimately, we use raw foods - especially fruits and herbal therapy to cleanse the body and strengthen and restore the organs and systems.

The theory of detoxification is simple. Whereas allopathic medicine seeks to manage symptoms through radiation, surgery, or pharmaceuticals; natural medicine seeks to treat dis-ease through natural products or herbs, true naturopathy - detoxification, restores the health and vitality of the person by rectifying the cause of the dis-ease. Dis-ease stems from acidosis, pathogens, deposited heavy metals, and the destruction of energy. The only way to truly regenerate yourself is to bring the right energy into your body and eliminate that which is destroying it, instead of removing symptoms.

Certified Iridologist
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Trained at the International School of Detoxification (ISOD) under Robert Morse N.D.

Iridology is the diagnostic method that examines the patterns and changes in the iris of the eye that may suggest a health issue or dis-ease. Iridology, or iris analysis or iris diagnoses, is a method of alternative medicine that is used to analyze a person's health status by examining the colors, components of the iris, pupil, and sclera of the human eye. When people notice an attractive person, the first thing they may notice is the other person's eyes, often referred to as the windows of the soul. When you look into someone's eye's you can often tell how the person is feeling, if they are lying, angry, ill or in love. When people are tired or not feeling well, their eyes will lack the usual sparkle or appear dull. Not only are the eyes the windows of the soul, but they are also the map to our bodies.

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
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Trained with Dr. Bradley Nelson, D.C.

The Emotion Code is designed to help you alleviate physical discomfort, ease emotional wounds, and restore love to relationships.

Emotion Code is the simple and transformative energy healing method. It is possible to release Trapped Emotions for optimal health, better relationships, and more abundant life.

EC works with the subconscious mind to understand emotions that are tucked away. Our unconscious mind is an all-knowing computer equipped for ultimate health and happiness. Using muscle testing and specific questioning, a certified practitioner can follow the guidance of a client's subconscious and recognize and release trapped emotions.

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